Kontakt & Kooperationsanfragen

Laura Werner
Gustav-Adolf-Straße 88e, 13086 Berlin
Für Kooperationsanfragen: contact@tloc-laura.com

2 Gedanken zu „Kontakt & Kooperationsanfragen“

  1. Hi laura, ich habe deinen Post über den Marmor Schreibtisch gelesen. Ist das eine Manrmorplatte oder Spanplatte mit marmorlook? Weisst du noch von welchem baumarkt die war? Ich lebe nicht in Deutschland und kann sowas nirgends finden hier. Vielen Dank, laura

  2. An interesting proposition for you to consider”Hi!

    I am interested in working with your blog-thelimitsofcontrol-laura.com on posting. I need to know 4 things in advance before I include your site in my database:

    1. Final and flat best rates. Will the post be seen on the home page, shared on social media and please show me example post?

    2. Type of links (dofollow or nofollow).

    3. Do you add disclosures/sponsored tags or you can avoid this?

    4. It will be also useful to know if you would accept gambling/adult or marijuana related links and at what rate?

    Payments are sorted in 7+ business days after posting via Paypal unless else is preagreed.

    If you run other sites in any niche feel free to share with the above info.

    I receive 3000+ orders monthly from different clients in all niches. Volume of orders doesn’t depend personally on me, you will receive an order for your site in case any client selects your site for their campaign. Hope you can understand.

    Looking forward to working with you!

    Veselina Dzhingarova”

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